Kano’s latest DIY kit turns motion into code

DIY computer company Kano has released another brightly-coloured addition to its learn-to-code arsenal: a motion sensor kit. The standalone product comes with the Kano App to teach would-be coders how to translate movement into data which can be appl... … [Read more...]

Google sees a future in wearable-free health monitoring

Google and its Alphabet parent haven't been shy about their interest in digital health, and now they're taking that curiosity in an unusual but potentially very helpful direction. GeekWire reports that Google has acquired Senosis Health, a Seattle-a... … [Read more...]

Tech companies want user data protected from warrantless searches

Late last night, a bevy of tech companies -- including Apple, Google, Verizon, Twitter and Facebook -- filed a friend-of-the-court brief with the US Supreme Court in the case of Carpenter v. United States. Their specific interest is in protecting per... … [Read more...]

Smart locks rendered dumb by automatic update fail

Making dumb things smart can have its benefits, but adding complexity to once-simple devices can also lead to unforeseen problems. It's a lesson smart lock maker LockState is all too aware of, after a clumsily delivered automatic update bricked hundr... … [Read more...]

Google Allo finally offers web chat, but it’s only for Android users

Allo, Google's beleaguered chat app that arrived on the iPhone and Android devices last year, finally has a web counterpart. Just a few minutes ago, Amit Fulay (head of product for Allo and video chat app Duo) tweeted that Allo for the web was availa... … [Read more...]

Amazon Instant Pickup service gives you orders in 2 minutes

Amazon's Prime Now usually does the job if you need something in a hurry, but what if you can't even afford to wait a couple of hours? If you happen to live in the right city, you might have that quick fix today. Amazon has launched an Instant Pickup... … [Read more...]